On this page I have tried to answer any questions you may have relating to the way I work and have also outlined my privacy policy. However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more details on any aspect of my work.



Who will work on my manuscript?


I do all the work myself and deal with you directly, communicating by email.


How long will it take?


I can turn some projects around much quicker than others, depending on the complexity of the work, but as I do everything myself I also have to fit things around each other. I will advise you of the return date before commencing the project and will adhere to this, barring unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness or bereavement. If something of this nature occurs I will let you know immediately.


What format should I send my manuscript in?


I generally work in Word, using the ‘track changes’ facility so that you can see exactly what I have done and can choose to accept or reject the changes I have made. However, if your manuscript is in a different format, please contact me and we can discuss whether or not it will be feasible to proceed.


Do you provide a guarantee that there will be no errors in the final manuscript?


I work meticulously and make every effort to pick up errors, but no copyeditor or proofreader can guarantee 100% error-free work. According to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, an experienced proofreader would be expected to spot at least 90% of typos and 80% of all errors, other things being equal.


As part of my copyediting service I draw attention to any factual errors that I spot as well as any instances of potential liability, but the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of the work lies with the author.


Do I need to send you a style guide?


A style guide is a document listing preferences such as spellings (e.g. –ise/-ize endings), punctuation (e.g. the ‘Oxford’ comma in a list), and presentational features (e.g. capitalisation in headings, use of bullet points).


You do not have to send me a style guide, and if none is supplied I will aim for consistency within the document. I am happy to provide a comment sheet detailing the decisions I have made with regard to consistency of spelling, layout etc.

Do you use UK or US English?

Both. I am British and use UK English unless otherwise requested, but I am happy to use US English as well. I have worked with non-native speakers who are unsure whether they are consistently using one or the other, and can point out any discrepancies as part of my copyediting service.


Do I have to get permission to have an academic paper copyedited?


For academic writing such as theses, dissertations and essays, it is the responsibility of the author to check the editorial guidelines provided by the education establishment. In particular it is essential that you ascertain the level of editorial intervention permitted for the work in question.


Who owns the copyright on my manuscript after you have worked on it?


The copyright on all manuscripts remains with the author.


Do you keep copies of my work?


I back up my work using an external hard drive and do not use cloud storage. Once I have returned your manuscript and you have confirmed that you have received it, I will delete it from both my computer and hard drive.


Will you keep my work private?


I will not share the content of your work with anyone else.


What do you do with my personal data?


I will not pass your contact details on to any third party and will use them only for the purpose of communicating with you. I will delete your contact details from my records at any time if you request that I do so.


Invoices will be retained to comply with HMRC recording requirements but will be destroyed after the prescribed period.