Pricing and delivery

It is not possible to give a standard price for either copyediting or proofreading, as the complexity of the work and the number of amendments needed both affect the time required. However, as a rough guide, the combined copyediting and proofreading of a 100,000 word novel might be expected to cost between £600 and £700. An academic thesis would probably cost more, while a document of any type with relatively few errors might cost less.


Please get in touch with me using the form on the Contact page if you would like a quotation – I will ask you to send me a portion of the work (perhaps a chapter of a novel) and will give you an estimate so that you can decide whether you want to proceed. I will also advise you how long the work is likely to take. I do everything myself and have to fit projects around each other, so delivery times will vary according to how busy I am.


Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or PayPal. I generally invoice after I have completed the work but for first time customers I may ask for partial payment in advance for large projects.